Taylor Swift: folklore, 2020

Streaming Live X Live (AOW) | Deluxe Edition | 17 Tracks [67:01] Released in July of 2020, folklore is Taylor Swift’s 8th album. Although it is 8 months after release, folklore is Live X Live’s album of the week, which means I can listen to it unlimited times and discover if the music and lyricsContinue reading “Taylor Swift: folklore, 2020”

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012

Netflix | PG-13 | 1 hour 43 minutes | Retro Review Originally published 01/05/2021 I grow weary of the term ‘coming of age,’ even if the cliché fits the movie (in a good way).  It’s easier to just call it a film about teenagers.  I also struggle with the way writers portray the high schoolContinue reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower, 2012”

A Time To Kill, 1996

HBO Max | Rated R | 2 hours 29 minutes | RETRO REVIEW Originally published 10/10/2020 Time warp back to the 90’s and play ‘Count the Oscar Winners.’ A Time to Kill was a triumph (back in the day). John Grisham’s first novel about Clanton, Mississippi, racism, justifiable vigilantism, lawyers, and the KKK, a blackContinue reading “A Time To Kill, 1996”