The Haxans

Going off the stage right now in Derry, New Hampshire it’s The Haxans! I don’t know who they are or where they’re from but I’m inspired. They’re a brother/sister group with talent and a pretty hot sound. They kept me entertained from start to finish. I want to check them out on Apple streaming to listen to them more. Rock n Roll has lost personality but these two still have it so I’m happy to follow, happy to promote, happy to post a picture or two. I took a video of a couple dedicated fans who are just nuts for this group. It’s really nice to see the passion. I wish I knew more about them and their original songs so I could write about it. Look them up. Visit

Publishing an update after a short visit to the merch stand. I saw a photo of the guitar player and said to the wild and hot looking attendant, “Hey wait! Isn’t that Piggy D?” Of course she said yes. I’m sad to say The Poor Critic has not been very inspired lately but thank goodness the wife and I took a chance on The Tupelo Music Hall to go see one of my favorites, John 5. And thank goodness Rob Zombie’s bass player now goes by Count D. Can’t wait to go see all three of them in New Jersey July 31st!

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