Megan Thee Stallion: Good News, 2020

Streaming LIVE X LIVE | Explicit (Y) | 17 Tracks [49:42] also featuring Beyonce, DaBaby, Young Thug, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Lil Durk

Originally published 11/24/2020

     First, let me say this is not music I normally listen to.  However, that’s the joy of the Album of the Week on the App LIVE X LIVE.  Any genre may be selected.  And this album works great on the headphones in the office to loop it over and over.  It’s the next best thing to buying the whole thing.  When the week’s over you’re hooked or you’re not.  If you are then $7.99 on iTunes is a rockin’ deal.

     Good news is packed with serious fun, realism, and graphic honesty.  The sound is melodically lyrical.  The beats permeate the consciousness and work their way into body movements.  Coworkers may look at you funny while you listen and groove!   Number One Hit “Savage” anchors this album well and draws people in with a remix version featuring Beyonce.  Hard not to love that.  But the extensive play of Savage just creates a nice intro to the new tracks.

     “Body” talks about all the parts we love with quick repetitions and bounce, literally, including the contents of the song.  “What’s New” fails on the intro but the chorus is graphic and infectious.  “Don’t Stop” has a little Dubstep feel that adds variety. 

     Two tracks tie as BEST SONG for me. “Do It on The Tip” and “Sugar Baby.”  If you’re looking for romance and love songs these aren’t going to work for you.  Tip makes it clear she’s going to outperform the other girls and Sugar Baby may be looking for a sugar daddy but it’s obvious he won’t be in charge.  If you listen to the whole album in sequence, these tracks are followed by “Movie.”  Lil Durk and MTS play well off each other.  You can almost picture them in the strip club or the bedroom…and they feelin’ really good.  None of these tracks attempt to be coy, they don’t have time for that.


Baby, can you tell me have you ever heard of polygamy?

It’s only me and you, but I got many personalities

Sometimes I like to shop, sometimes I like to bop

Sometimes I like it from the back, sometimes I be on top

     The primal sexuality of this album is in your face and honest.  There’s no attempt to gloss things over with romance.  It’s just frank reality of what humans like to do.  The WORST part of the album isn’t a song.  It’s the use of the term “Real Hot Girl Shit.”  Maybe there’s a cultural significance that I’m not aware of but it’s used at the beginning of several tracks and it distracts the listener.  Is it the equivalent of “Third World Problems?”  It’s almost as irritating as hearing DJ Khaled inserted into ever song he touches.  It lacks creativity.

     To wrap it up this album has 17 tracks and all of them are on the good to great scale.  No really bad ones in the bunch.  I’m sure the Grammys will pay attention to this collection.  SCORE is a very respectable 9.  I loved looping through this album all day and would love to hear several of these in the club.

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