The 40-Year-Old Version, 2020

Netflix    |    Rated R    |    2 hours 4 minutes

Radha Blank (Actor/Director/Screenplay), Oswin Benjamin, Peter Kim, Haskiri Velazquez

Originally published 10/21/2020

To be continued.  See rapid review on Twitter @poorcritic

Gotta move on but must repect the form.  BEST moment of the film: Radha walks off the Broadway stage determined not to be a sellout.  WORST moment happened when she took the stage high as a cloud on the moon to perform.  Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, it was sooooo awkward (but well done). STANDOUT who stole the show? Hands down Oswin Benjamin.  So subtle. So smooth.  The hero of the day.  His exposure increases throughout the film and you want so much more.  I was CONVINCED, as I watched and enjoyed, that dreams can come true.  I’m guessing from the clips during the credits that Radha’s dreams did come true.

And the SCORE? A solid 6.  I know that doesn’t seem like much but give it time.  All the respect in the world to Radha Blank for being a triple threat!

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